Day 2 - Cambria to San Luis Obispo
STATS @ 7:58 PM:  54 ºF / 40.5 MI / 12.3 AVG / 35.9 MAX / 3h 16m RIDE TIME

Day -30 (May 14, 1999)
We wake up to ice on our tents! Cyclometer registers 32BAF. We leave the school at about 7am and head into Cambria proper. We convene for breakfast, taking over a local eatery. There aren't enough tables and chairs to go around and getting nearly 80 riders plus regulars through breakfast takes longer than we had anticipated. I opt for the 70-mile ride and head off, by myself, north on highway 1 out of Cambria. I go north for about 15 miles, past Hearst Castle and to the lighthouse. There is a slight headwind the whole way there. A beautiful ride up the coast. I turn around at the lighthouse and head back. Past Hearst Castle, into Cambria, out of Cambria, back on Hwy. 1. I see beaches littered with sleeping sea lions and people inching close to get photos (why can't they just let these sleeping 'dogs' lie?) Knee pain at mile 30. I eat a couple of Advil and keep going. No time to stop on the BIG RIDE. I have a beer in Cayucos and then it's into Morro Bay, continuing on Hwy. 1. At Morro Bay, the route takes me into town and out through Morro Bay State park. I follow South Bay Road to Turrey road, Los Osos to Foothill and then into San Luis Obispo. In Cayucos, I'm greeted with, "Are you the last one?" from the SAG staff. "No, you idiots," I think to myself, "I'm the first one back from the lighthouse run!" I mumble a "no" and down my beer. I caught up to Mike, Caren and the 'gang' in Cayucos, but they moved on while I was quaffing my brew. I also missed Misty and Pat in Morro Bay (which I hit around lunch-time). I was hoping to catch up to them, my desire to pedal slower being driven by my stabbing knee pain. I skipped lunch, since I hate to eat by myself. The remainder of the ride was accompanied by Mr. Knee Pain. It was intermittent, actually. It must be an irritated tendon or ligament. I hear (feel?) a 'popping' sound on each stroke. It is tender to the touch, but no pain felt off of the bike. I got hoots and hollers from a car full of girls in San Luis Obispo. (Damn. I got all flustered and missed the turn, adding another 4 miles to my painful ride!) Damn windy at the end of the day. I made it to the Royal Oak Inn, but not after an unnecessary 3 miles into the raging headwind. I believed I said a four letter word along that route! Pat and I are in room 159. We ate a catered Mexican dinner by the pool. It would have been great, but it was still damn windy and now cold! We ate our meals hurriedly and then bolted for an after-dinner drink over at Applebee's, across the street, to warm up. Wally and Dale were zinging one liners at each other, but Wally got the upper hand when Dale tried to flirt with a younger woman. "You've heard of assault with a dead weapon?" Wally asked the girl, in reference to Dale's age and corresponding "problems". The group of 12 howled. Off to bed. Tired. STATS - 73.2 mi., 13.6 mph avg., 36.9 mph max, 5:21 ride time.