Scott's Big Ride Across America
Scott's Big Ride Across America



America the Beautiful Help fight lung disease - CLiK to visit the American Lung Association   This ain't Dave!
 It's flip-flop Scott. 

 CLiK for bigger PiK

137 Cyclists
Seattle to Washington DC
48 days of adventure
3,250 miles thru 12 States
Helping the ALA fight lung disease

Pedaling my ass 3,250 miles for charity!

During the summer of 1998, over 730 bicyclists participated in the innaugural GTE BIG RIDE across America. They saw the USA, up close, as they pedaled their way across the country. They took six weeks out of their busy lives, donating their time and effort to support the American Lung Association in its fight against lung disease.  This is the greatest coast-to-coast charity bike ride EVER!

This site has recently been recovered from GeoCities in it's (near) original state. Thanks for stopping by. The American Lung Association only sporadically offers a Big Ride fund raiser. Check the ALA website to see if one is offered this year.

This site was originally built to inform visitors about the 1999 ALA Big Ride. Read Scott's Big Ride Journal or    1ee the whole route and towns along the way. Enjoy!